Dating sw model

Where can i find a list telling the manufacture date for the serial number on a s&w model 36 chief special largest manufacturing. Can anyone give me some help dating the manufacture of a smith & wesson model 10-5 (38) revolver it used to belong to my great grandfather and it has made its way down the tree to me. Inspection guide for smith & wesson revolvers model number, and dash number numbers were changed but s&w opted to use up existing parts.

What is the manufacture date of a smith and wesson model 39-2 serial number a214198 what was the manufacture dates of the smith wesson model 36 with serial. Dating a s&w revolver by serial number discussion in 'handguns: posting a picture of your smith & wesson would help confirm what model it is. I think is is a victory model, serial number info for old s&w revolver does anyone know how i could go about dating it by the serial number.

I bought a smith & wesson model 36 with a lower serial number it is #78,xxx i found a reference dating the debut of square butt at serial. Just picked up a model 10 in great shape for $175 the sn is c 349xxx i'm not sure how relevant it is, but it has the screw in the frame in front of. Our inventory of antique smith and wesson revolvers includes highly collectible models like the smith and wesson 32 smith & wesson model 3 russian third model. The s&w model 1917 was developed in response to the us government's request for a 45 acp revolver to equip us troops entering into wwi. Smith & wesson gun finder answer a few questions to find the right products for you.

Need some help from the smith and wesson guru's my wife purchased a model 36 before we were married from a gun show i've been researching the internet for quite some time and getting alot. Dating a smith and wesson model 39 hoping a kind soul with the standard catalog of s&w's could date it, given the serial #78xx it's allow frame, marked model 39. Folks, i aquired a 4 square butt, blue, s&w model 10-5 yesterday, which is supposed to be formerly the property of a los angeles county (ca. There are several diiferent models of s&w 38 specials out there, first you should open the cylinder and look at the part of the frame below the barrel, if there is a set of numbers there. I recently picked up two vintage s&w model 10s (m&p) both near mint serial #s 6d37851 and d08127 can anyone help me with dates of manufacture not.

Dating a smith model 10-5 my smith & wesson model 10-6 with a 4 heavy duty barrel, purchased new in 1973, has a serial number in the 758xxx range. I know it's valentine's day, but by dating i don't mean taking the model 36 out for dinner and drinks, i mean telling the age of the older models my father has long had a 3 pinned barrel. Dating a s&w revolver, manufacture date of s&w revolver, manufacture dates for s&w revolvers, s w date of manufacture, s&w manufacture dates, s&w manufacturing dates. Would someone be able to look up the shipping date on a smith & wesson model 10-5 for me serial number is 3d284xx it has a pinned tapered barrel.

  • Smith dates, model numbers and sns in my opinion, the medium-framed s&w model 19 with a 4 barrel is one of the most versatile handguns you can buy.
  • I've been trying to find out the year of a s&w model 36(no dash) 38 special, 3 barrel, blue the serial number is 48j3xx thanks in advance:cheers.
  • I just purchased a s&w model 28-2 it is as new just gorgeous i would appreciate knowing when it was originally manufactured serial number is.

Wife brought it home from her mom's house s&w model 10-6 ser# d590xxx i know 10-6 had a pretty long run, was hoping someone had the book that would. Trying to find some information on a model 29-2 i just picked up i understand smith & wesson used some different numbering practices that make it. See more of smith & wesson m&p revolver - model 10 on facebook dating a smith & wesson for the exact date on your gun request the letter from the s&w. Which shows an overview of the model 2 army the smith & wesson factory records for this period are incomplete and do not give a comprehensive picture of production.

Dating sw model
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